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Thank you to Dave Bullivant for this photograph



I learnt my craft at St Faith’s in Maidstone, Morley College in London, and at the Leach Pottery in St Ives. Since then, I have set up my own studio in Faversham, where I make wheel-thrown stoneware pottery for kitchen and table use. I use warm-toned textured or smooth clay which is thrown on a pottery wheel to make bowls, plates and mugs, along with some one-off pieces. After careful drying and trimming, I fire the pieces in an electric kiln, and allow them to cool. I create simple shiny glazes, enjoying the way the colours in the clay freckle through to the surface, affecting its final texture and tone. The colour palette is inspired by the landscape of the beautiful Kent marshes, including green-blues, greys, blacks and occasional pops of bright colours like sunshine-yellow or red. Grey-whites, creamy-toned whites, and clean bright whites are particular favourites. Greens can be allowed to crystallise at the rims of bowls, or to glow across the whole piece. Once the pieces are glazed, they are fired at least once more in an oxidising atmosphere, until they have the desired texture and colour. I prefer a simple, pared-back aesthetic, allowing the throwing marks to show in the final piece.

I was delighted to appear in beautiful online magazine, Faversham Life. You can read more about my work and see pictures of the studio. I do hope you enjoy the article.